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You are welcome to guest post on WritersDo.Com

I welcome all content that goes with the interest of WritersDo’s Blog. Meaning, your content has to fit in one of the categories I usually write about or be closely related to them.

In case you haven’t figured out my target audience yet, I’d like to think I’m writing content for bloggers and content writers who would love to learn more about the world of internet marketing.

Therefore, my target audience is either good and learning to become good content writers and marketers.

You have probably landed on my website while looking for content writing opportunities, and you are in the right place.

Before you get your hopes high up, I need to know that you love writing.

If you love writing so much, then you already know that only high-quality content that is super well-written is accepted. I’d love to send you feedback on your piece, but don’t bother sending me your drafts if you are not open to constructive criticism.

As a lover of writing myself, I don’t accept, nor allow, any poor quality content to be published on my blog. I hope you can understand that as well.

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So, let’s review the writing guidelines for guest posting on WritersDo.

  • Your article idea should fit in one of the four categories the website is about. If you don’t want to bother to check what they are, then, please don’t bother to send me an email about your “free” content.
  • Your article should exceed 1,500 words, original and free of grammar and spelling mistakes. The blog is about content writing. Let’s, at least, write well.
  • Your article should have at least 3 pictures that can go along with the article.
  • Linking to your personal blog is more than welcome, but it should be natural and offer great value to the readers.
  • You can include links to other websites that have quality content that has more in-depth details about a certain idea in your article. Don’t hesitate to link to other people’s blogs as long as they are not a company and the information is free.
  • Your personal opinion is what is most important. Make sure that your article is engaging and has personality. No one wants to be bored reading articles on the internet. Keep it interesting.
  • For more on how to write the perfect blog post, check out my article about that (when I write it).
  • Just in case you were pitching your ideas for SEO gains, please know that I know what you are doing. So, don’t hide it. Just be yourself.

In case you are wondering, YES, I do sell links. $1,000/week. If you can afford that, let’s talk business at

Otherwise, send your article ideas directly to contact at writers do dot com